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Choose IT support that unlocks innovation and drives business growth

Our expertise and collaboration will help you innovate to strategic advantage. We enable your IT function to achieve greater results for your business. In today’s world, mature support aware business buyers like yourself put great value on increased availability and performance of your IT operations. We at Strategic IT Support understand that IT is an important part of your business investment. That is why our support is tailored to your business and IT priorities, establishing and reinforcing a strong IT organisation that serves the needs of the business.

Proactive IT Support

Proactive IT Support helps minimise risk and cost through prevention. We provide direct assistance with planning, rollouts, rigorous health checks and remediation services.


Proactive monitoring services geared to pinpoint inefficiencies and risks in your environment.


Guidance on infrastructure design, development and deployment to reduce risk, time and cost.


Organisational best practices to help your IT function become a strategic asset to the business.


Exclusive IT staff education to increase their capabilities and productivity.

Our Approach

Strategic IT Support services are designed to meet a specific business need for your organisation. Our proactive and reactive IT support services help you get faster business results. Your Strategic IT Support experts will deliver against a defined playbook to achieve a specific set of desired business outcomes. Realise maximum value from your business IT infrastructure by partnering with Strategic IT Support.

Reactive IT Support

Our dedicated support teams provide continuous hands on assistance and immediate escalation for urgent issues, which speeds resolution and helps keep your mission critical systems up and running.


Our dedicated support teams are available 24/7/365 to keep your IT systems up and running.


Our unique ITIL IQ™ platform evaluates your IT performance to “get healthy and stay healthy.”


Connecting you with the right subject matter engineers who can solve your issues right away.


A dedicated Service Delivery Manager who understands your unique business challenges.

Service Delivery Management

You’ll be so delighted by our service that you can’t help but promote our business. We begin with a dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM) who orchestrates the planning and delivery of your IT support services. This includes deploying our unique ITIL IQ™ platform designed to assess the  current state of your IT operations, before building a bespoke Service Delivery Plan (SDP) to address improvement points. We work with you to attain the desired state of your IT operations. Our Service Delivery Management also includes monitoring and managing the quality and timeliness of all Strategic IT Support services.

Service Introduction

To introduce the service and explain how to select and plan Strategic IT Support services.

Service Delivery Plan

Your dedicated SDM will draw up a bespoke SDP to meet your unique business needs.

Service Reviews

We review the past period’s services, reporting on what has been delivered and improved.

Incident Management

Oversight of support incidents to drive timely resolution and high quality of support.

What's your ITIL IQ™?

Our unique ITIL IQ™ platform measures and scores IT performance. How does your IT perform?

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Unique Points Based Pricing

Our mission is to become the best IT support company in the world. In order to realise this goal we provide the very best in customer service. Starting at £150 per month, our fully transparent IT support package pricing provides great value too. And don’t worry, we’re not fans of the hard sell either, so feel free to choose our simple, secure, affordable IT that unlocks innovation and drive business growth from our online eCommerce store.

Not a big fan of contracts? Neither are we.

All of our services are provided without a contract, we believe that the best way to lock a client into our business is with our service. Our aim is to delight you and turn you into a promoter of our business.

Defined Business Outcomes

Focus on achieving defined business results aligned with your strategy. Boosting IT health in the areas that are critical to your business. Emphasis on specific results and better alignment between support and business priorities to yield higher ROI.

Better, more responsive IT

Invest in your people and IT health and boost responsiveness by building your IT team. Improve adoption of IT and focus on what your technology can do for your business. Our proactive IT support services help your IT team members move your organisation forward.

Faster time to results

Defined sequence and top level expertise leads to faster results. Ensure a more consistent and effective execution with a pre-set sequence defined by our IT experts who leverage top level expertise to achieve the desired outcome, no matter how complex your situation is.